Bill & Mary


May 19th, 2018

Pinecrest, Ca



 Bread rolls-Bad Outfits-Matrimony   

Mary and Bill met while working at Entrees Unlimited, the catering company that Bill has worked at for many years. 

Mary says of their first meeting, "He was singing like a goofball, loudly as he walked into the Entrees freezer. My first thought was "Ooo, that guy is cute! I gotta meet him.".

Shortly after being introduced, Bill threw a bread roll at Mary while she wasn't looking and solidified her crush on him. A few weeks past and the two were assigned to work the bar at a large event. During the evening Bill and Mary got to spend some time together and share some laughs. It was clear there was a different kind of connection between the two, especially after the 3 hour conversation outside of Entrees following the event that same night. They exchanged numbers and Bill said he would call after he was done with finals.

A couple weeks past and Bill invited Mary to join him at a friends party, the theme of which was: Classy or Trashy. Of course, Mary, releshing the opportunity to dress up, chose to go trashy because "it would be more fun to put together a trashy outfit". She went all out with teased hair, lots of make up, short skirt, cowboy boots, candy necklace, leopard print bra, and white lacy shirt complete with a pillow stuffed under it to make her look pregnant. Bill dressed classy in slacks with a button up shirt and looked amazing. Upon arrival to the party, it was clear that no one else decided to dress up. Mary, being new in town, and never having met any of Bill's friends before, had two choices: freak out and go home or just go with it. She chose the latter and introduced herself all night as, " Mary, I don't normally dress like this, Markarian". Bill was extremely apologetic and offered to take Mary home. She didn't mind because, who doesn't dress up at their own theme party?.. Weird. Bill was taken aback by Mary's ability to laugh at her self and not need babysitting in a room full of strangers. That night when Bill dropped Mary off at home, they shared their first real kiss, in the rain... very romantic.

That was the beginning of their 6 year love story complete with: Shelly the dog, school, graduations, cruddy apartments, crazy jobs with crazy hours, white water rafting, trips to Cabo, karaoke, 2 trips to the emergency room, the births of 3 nieces, concerts, Bill's teal beard, Sharks games, musicals, Disneyland, lots of singing, eventful hikes, whale watching, kayaking in the Monterey Bay, and owning and building a business together.

On Christmas eve 2016, Bill romantically popped the question in front of Mary's family and the Christmas tree. Mary said "yes", of course. 

"Now we are starting a whole new adventure together", says the happy couple. "We can't wait to see what our future holds".





Join us as we celebrate in the majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains


Saturday, May 19th, 2018 



The Pinecrest Chalet

500 Dodge Ridge Rd, Pinecrest, CA 95364

Please RSVP by clicking the letters RSVP above by March 30th

Until the wedding!







NOTE: The Pinecrest Chalet is almost sold out. Your options: 

  • We still have plenty of available space in the large cabin share where you can book a room or just a bed. If you would like to stay onsite, please fill out the cabin interest form below.

  • Or take advantage of our room block at The Strawberry Inn (ask for Mary and Bill's wedding room block) down the street from The Pinecrest Chalet


Please use the Pinecrest Chalet Accommodation Guide below to view all available cabins and pricing during the wedding weekend.


Make sure to book your Pinecrest Chalet accommodations before April 1st to take advantage of group rates.

To book your accommodations, please call the Pinecrest Chalet directly at

(209) 965-3276


If you are interested in cabin share options, Please fill out the cabin share interest from linked below.

Take advantage of our Strawberry Inn room block (ask for Mary & Bill's wedding room block) by calling them directly at







Friday Night

If you are planning on arriving at The Pinecrest Chalet on Friday we invite you to join us for an evening outdoor movie and s'mores

  • 8:15 pm: Outdoor movie starting in the 


Saturday: Wedding Day!!

  • 3:00 pm: Wedding Ceremony located in the Amphitheater

  • Reception held directly after the wedding adjacent to the Amphitheater 

  • 11:00 pm: Bonfires and s'mores for those still standing

Sunday Morning

  • 9:30 am-10:30 am: Continental breakfast served in the Amphitheater








 The Pinecrest Chalet is easy to find but we recommend that you PRINT out the directions as cell phone service my be spotty on the mountain. Printable directions can be found by clicking the button below






Click the link below to view wedding FAQs

Wedding FAQs



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Though it is not expected or required, if you would like to honor the couple with a gift, they are registered at the stores below.